Birth Date: 2005
Nationality: T.C.
Branch: Flöre
Club: Atak Eskrim Spor Kulübü

Tan Sezer was born in Istanbul in 2005. Many sports branches (athletics-short distance, basketball, swimming, football etc.) attracted Tan's attention. Club instructors at the school were trying to convince him to choose one of these different branches and progress as a licensed athlete. Confusion about which sport to turn to Tan ended with insisting that 9-year-old Gabriela Dumitru meet Tan at school and turn to fencing. Since then, fencing has become a passion for itself. He is currently working with his coach Gabriela Dumitru at the Atak Eskrim Spor club.

Achievements of Tan Sezer;

November 10, 2022 - Youth Istanbul Interschool Championship City's 1st

2022 Ankara Young Men's Foil Open Tournament 2nd

In Interschool Young Men's Foil Provincial Competitions 2nd

Our athlete Tan Sezer, who will participate in the European Championship to be held in Nevi Sad in the U17 and U20 categories between February 25 - March 08, 2022 has been invited to the National Team camp held in Antalya before the championship.

In 2022 U-17 Men's Foil Federation Cup 3rd
In 2021 U-17 Men's Foil Open Tournament Istanbul 2nd

In 2021 - Egypt - Junior & Cadet Worldchampionship  - 12th

In 2021 U-17 Men's Flore Federation Cup Ankara - 3rd

In 2020 U-17 Men's Open to FloreTournament İzmir - 2nd

In 2020 U-17 Men's Open to FloreTournament Tekirdag - 2nd

In 2020 Youth Open Flore tournament Adıyaman - 1st

In 2020 U17 Men's Flore Turkey Championship - 3rd

In 2020 U17 Open Tournament Ankara - 2nd

In 2020 Inter-School Youth flirting provincial auditions – 1st

In 2019 U17 Flore Star Championships – 3rd

In 2019 U17 Thessaloniki Stars Circuit Team – 2nd

In 2019 Sivas Centenary “National Struggle Fencing Tournament” U17 Star Flore – 2nd

In 2019 U14 Bocholt Fencing Camp Tournament– 1st

In 2019 U14 Turkey Championship – 2nd

In 2019 U14 Commemoration of Atatürk youth and Sports Day Tournament – 2nd

In 2019 U14 Turkey Championship For Interscholastic Star Flore – 2nd

In 2019 U14 Turkey Antalya International Children's Cup – 3rd

In 2019 U14 Barselona Circuit Tournament-2nd

In 2019  U14 Fethiye Open Tournament -  2nd

In 2019 Sofya U14 Curcuit Tournament– 3rd

In 2019 Interscholastic Provincial Auditions To Star Flore -  1st

In 2018 U14  Ankara Open Tournament – 1st

In 2018 U14  Istanbul Open Tournament - 2nd

In 2018 U14 Selanik  Circuit Tournament- 3rd

In 2018 Open Tournament Konya Mini Flore – 1st

In 2018 Turkey Championship Trabzon Team Msb. Mini Flore Team - 3rd

In 2018 Turkish Championship Trabzon Mini Flore – 2nd

In 2018 U13 Open Tournament In Düsseldorf, Germany – 3rd

In 2018 U14 Sofia Mini Flore – 2nd

In 2018 Turkey Championship Between Schools Stars Flore- 3rd

In 2018 Seferihisar Mini Flore Open Tournament – 3rd

In 2018 Interscholastic Stars Flore Provincial Auditions -1st

In 2017 Antalya Open Tournament - 3rd

In 2017 TED The Republican Flore Mini Cup - 1st

In 2017 Macaristan Camp Mini Flore - 3rd

In 2016 Sofia Super Mini Flore- 3rd