Birth Date: 2005
Nationality: T.C.
Branch: Flöre
Club: Atak Eskrim Spor Kulübü

Tan Sezer was born in Istanbul in 2005. Many sports branches (athletics-short distance, basketball, swimming, football etc.) attracted Tan's attention. Club instructors at the school were trying to convince him to choose one of these different branches and progress as a licensed athlete. Confusion about which sport to turn to Tan ended with insisting that 9-year-old Gabriela Dumitru meet Tan at school and turn to fencing. Since then, fencing has become a passion for itself. He is currently working with his coach Gabriela Dumitru at the Atak Eskrim Spor club.

Achievements of Tan Sezer;

In 2021 U-17 Men's Foil Open Tournament Istanbul 2nd

In 2021 - Egypt - Junior & Cadet Worldchampionship  - 12th

In 2021 U-17 Men's Flore Federation Cup Ankara - 3rd

In 2020 U-17 Men's Open to FloreTournament İzmir - 2nd

In 2020 U-17 Men's Open to FloreTournament Tekirdag - 2nd

In 2020 Youth Open Flore tournament Adıyaman - 1st

In 2020 U17 Men's Flore Turkey Championship - 3rd

In 2020 U17 Open Tournament Ankara - 2nd

In 2020 Inter-School Youth flirting provincial auditions – 1st

In 2019 U17 Flore Star Championships – 3rd

In 2019 U17 Thessaloniki Stars Circuit Team – 2nd

In 2019 Sivas Centenary “National Struggle Fencing Tournament” U17 Star Flore – 2nd

In 2019 U14 Bocholt Fencing Camp Tournament– 1st

In 2019 U14 Turkey Championship – 2nd

In 2019 U14 Commemoration of Atatürk youth and Sports Day Tournament – 2nd

In 2019 U14 Turkey Championship For Interscholastic Star Flore – 2nd

In 2019 U14 Turkey Antalya International Children's Cup – 3rd

In 2019 U14 Barselona Circuit Tournament-2nd

In 2019  U14 Fethiye Open Tournament -  2nd

In 2019 Sofya U14 Curcuit Tournament– 3rd

In 2019 Interscholastic Provincial Auditions To Star Flore -  1st

In 2018 U14  Ankara Open Tournament – 1st

In 2018 U14  Istanbul Open Tournament - 2nd

In 2018 U14 Selanik  Circuit Tournament- 3rd

In 2018 Open Tournament Konya Mini Flore – 1st

In 2018 Turkey Championship Trabzon Team Msb. Mini Flore Team - 3rd

In 2018 Turkish Championship Trabzon Mini Flore – 2nd

In 2018 U13 Open Tournament In Düsseldorf, Germany – 3rd

In 2018 U14 Sofia Mini Flore – 2nd

In 2018 Turkey Championship Between Schools Stars Flore- 3rd

In 2018 Seferihisar Mini Flore Open Tournament – 3rd

In 2018 Interscholastic Stars Flore Provincial Auditions -1st

In 2017 Antalya Open Tournament - 3rd

In 2017 TED The Republican Flore Mini Cup - 1st

In 2017 Macaristan Camp Mini Flore - 3rd

In 2016 Sofia Super Mini Flore- 3rd